week 4 – exploring web art

This week I had a realisation while I was flicking through the daily digital alchemies trying to decide which one to replicate next. I found myself skipping past every single one that gave instructions to make a meme or do something meme-related.. which made me realise I am still kind of frightened by memes. I still don’t feel like I can comfortably and confidently create a meme and publish it without the fear of being criticized or told I have done it ‘wrong’, even though I know that really it is subjective and there isn’t any kind of right or wrong. 

So for my #ddas this week I have managed to successfully (and lazily) avoid making a meme, however I have decided to set myself a challenge for my next blog and take part in one of the meme-making related #ddas! So watch out next time for the results of that. For the time being, here is what I instead got up to this week

1) #DDA149 


2) #DDA148


This week I had my first surf through the net-art webpage. I had no idea what to expect, but I found it really interesting and also was fascinated by how simple yet effective some of the ideas were. One which really caught my eye was called “the artist is typing”. 



The idea behind this project is that every time the ‘artist’ (aka the creator of the project) is active on his/her laptop, specifically typing, it is possible for anyone viewing the website to watch, live, the artist typing. That is all, it really is as simple as that – there are no other functions or things to watch or take part in. However, for some reason I really found it fascinating that I could watch this happening live. 

artist is typing 1

The idea that someone I don’t know and will most likely never know, could be typing anything, anywhere, and I could watch, really just made me think! I liked trying to imagine what exactly they could possibly be typing – were they replying to an email they had been putting off for weeks? Or paying a bill? Or just commenting on a friend’s facebook picture? A nice, simple, effective idea which kind of brings people together interactively 🙂 


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